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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hi everyone.  I hope your having an amazing weekend.  I spent Saturday with my dear friend Cheri and today just catching up on housekeeping etc... 

My scrap room was in desperate need of some wall décor, but I just never got around to doing it.  Over the past week, I made it my mission to create several different projects to make my room more welcoming and inviting.  Here is a sneak into one project and a tutorial for you as well. 

Soon, I will have a scraproom before and after posting here on my blog as well as a video on my youtube channel. 

I can not take credit for the idea or directions for this dream catcher project.  I found the project on pinterest through an amazing site called The Red Thread.  I will link her tutorial here.  You can also see this project through following me on pinterest.  My pinterest is nicoleguincho. 

Here is everything you need to complete this project, with the exception of an iron to meld the Perla beads together.  ***Note, I did not end up using the yarn, instead I used twine and lawn trimmings from Lawn Fawn, which you will see in the final product.

The first step is to make the three feathers using the square perla grid. What I did is used a marker to sketch out a feather shape on it first.  See above. Then, I laid my beads out in a diagonal striped pattern. 

I used this dish to lay out some beads for easy access and to make the process go by quicker.

I found the easiest way to pick up the beads was to use a pointed tweezers.  I would just stand some beads on my desk and put the point of the tweezers in the center and place it on the grid.

Make sure to leave a gap in your leaf beads to make room to hang a string or twine.  Then, you iron the beads together using the directions that come with the Perla sets. Note: I got my Perla beads in the kid's craft section at Joann Fabric.  They were 30% off at that time.

I completed that same process on all three feathers and on the top circle of the dream catcher.

Next, it's time to work on the large circle of the dream catcher, which is made out of the center ring of a embroidery ring.  I picked out some quilting fabric in colors I like from the fabric store.  Each piece of fabric was $1.99 at Joanns.  The tutorial I referred to in the above link suggested adding sparkly piping for some interest and it was a GREAT suggestion.

I cut the fabric into half inch strips and hot glued the beginning of each strip to the embroidery ring. Then, just wrap it around and glue the end.

This is what the finished product looks like once you add the piping.  Then, using either yarn, twine, or floss wrap it around the ring to create the "catcher" part of your dream catcher.  I don't have a picture of that step.

Next, hang your feathers using twine and do the same with the smaller top circle.  I added a little hot glue to make sure it would stay in place over time.  I just love the finished product.

Thanks for stopping by!  ---Nicole

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