Organizing 6x6 paper pads

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I've been in my new scrap room since April and as I've worked in it, I am learning what organization is working for me and what needs improvement.  I have been making a lot of cards lately and in doing so, I've realized that the loose papers that have already been cut into in my 6x6 pads are becoming a mess!  They always fall out of the sides of my pad and get crushed.

I looked online for a possible storage solution and came across these cellophane packaging that can also be used for cards.  I bought 200 on ebay for around $15.  Here is where you can find them.

On any pads that had sticky residue from the stickers manufacturers use to hold the pad closed, I covered the stickiness using washi tape.  This helps the pad move in and out of the cellophane with ease.

This is what the front and back of the pad looks like all packaged up with the scrap papers in the back.

A quick tip is when you are trying to put the pad back into the cellophane after use, use a ruler to cover the sticky strip and it slides right back in.

Now my pads are nicely organized and easy to use!



  1. I have the same problem! What a brilliant solution. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks to you, I just did this. I cant believe how much more organized all of my papers are! Thank you for sharing with us! ^-^ XOXO, Karla

  3. I just went to ebay to order some of these bags. I wondered if there were some bags that would work, thanks for sharing.


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