Monday, September 23, 2013

Just a quick post I thought I'd share.  These pics aren't the greatest, but not bad for quick snapshots with my point and shoot. 

As every family does, traditions slowly develop within your home.  This one is going strong for five years in my own home.  Jason and I are Halloween lovers.  We have four boxes of decorations we put out every year anxiously anticipating September 1st (because of course that is when we decided is socially appropriate to display indoor Halloween stuff). 

One day, we were at the mall and walked past Yankee Candle when these adorable figurines of married little skeletons caught our eye. 


It was our first year of marriage and my husband suggested, "Why don't we buy one to each year to represent each anniversary of our marriage?"  This small suggest turned into an annual promise.  When August rolls around the new releases hit the shelves and we fatefully go to add to our collection. 

Five years of marriage and five figurines later, here we are.  Yankee Candle recently incorporated a baby and a dog to the collection.  How perfect for us because we have both in our household.  So we recently added the baby figurine to represent Reagan and next year we plan to get the dog.

This is a silly little tradition, but it's OUR TRADITION and therefore it's special.  May your traditions continue.  Thanks for visiting!  --Nicole


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