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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hi Everyone!  I tend to have a little OCD when it comes to organization, but it really helps me be more creative, inspired, and productive!

I recently added some additional shelving and wall storage to my scraproom.  I spent New Year's Eve organizing and cleaning my space (I know exciting :-)).  You can check out my YT channel to see a video of the final product in it's entirety, but I thought I would share some of my storage ideas here.  Let's get started.  First, if you have a small space like mine, make use of the wall space. 

Simply Renee and Ikea make these wire/wall bracket systems where you can hang your embellishments.  They are really easy to install (for the Ikea ones you'll need a pair of industrial wire cutters) and they take up little space.  Having most of my embellies in plain sight makes it more likely that I'll use it!!

Both of these wall storage units are from Michaels.  At least three times a year, they will be on sale for 40% off or you can use a coupon.  The larger one comes put together, so no assembly required!  I use these to have the products I use frequently right at my fingertips (Ie: Stickles, stamp pads, embossing powders, etc...).

I used to have a shelving unit just like this when I was kid.  I started thinking this would be perfect for my scrap room.  The shelves are adjustable and you can add more shelving with time.  The highest shelf was also great for things you don't need to use often or to display completed projects.  I also like that i can see all of my mists, stains, and spray.  There is also plenty of room behind them to hide additional storage.  These shelves must be hung on studs in the wall (very important).  They can hold 50lbs each!  You can find them at Lowes or Home Depot in the closet section.

Tip #2--Organize as you purchase.  When I get new embellies, I just hang them on my wall.  If I get new beads or charms, this is what I do with them...

I just stick them into these little bead containers in the various compartments.  This is also great when your trying to get RAKs together.

These containers fit perfectly on my shelf behind the glimmer mists.  They are easy to access, but don't have to be in plain sight.

Tip #3: Stamps can collect very easily and tend to not get used if not organized.  My wood stamps simply get placed in tupperware drawers.  However, I put my clear stamps into CD cases that I purchase at Target.  This keeps them clean and visible.  All of the black outlines of the stamps that come with them on a clear piece of plastic go into an album.  I label each stamp and use this album to track various types of stamps for each project.  The key is to do this as you purchase stamps and always have some empty CD cases on hand.

Tip #4-- Keep all of your tools close to you and in something organized.  You can always refill you caddy later after you've ran out of stuff or a project is completed.

So, I hope some of these tips help you stay organized and rovide you with a scrap space that inspires you to get creative.  Here are some final pics of the space.

Happy New Year--Nicole


  1. I use the jewelry containers for beads, charms and jewelry making stuff such as clasps and head pins and jumprings.. love how you put the tiny embellies in them too..I'm going to have so many containers like that in the

  2. I love your room its so nice and organized :)
    I love your wall color too very nice.

  3. This is amazing what a great craftroom. Kelly @walkelmol on yt

  4. Wowza, ok first, the HUGE buttons on your wall are adorable!!! 2nd, you are inspiringly organized. WOW!! I am in the midst of trying to "organize" my stickers, I need another apartment for my craft stuff LOL :) TY for all of the great ideas

  5. Just saw this vid and wondered if you would share with me where you purchased the 12 x 12 rolling card that has the drawers in it with the hand cutouts. it looks very sturdy and useable:)

    Thanks much,
    Sherry M

  6. Hello Nicole, I am your newest follower.
    I have been browsing your blog & rest assured I looked at whole lot more than you craft space.
    It is a great space. Very inspiring, organized & conducive to creativity.
    Thanks for showing it to us. Even though I have not commented on all that I have seen, I want to tell you that your creations are clever and marvelous. It has been great exploring your blog. I am sure I will be back.
    By the way, I am currently hosting a giveaway on my blog & hope you come over your chance to win. The post is dated Sept. 1st.
    Good luck on your Doctoral Degree & TFS!
    Crafty best wishes,


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